First time homebuilder? No problem! This is a comprehensive guide to purchasing your new Flatfish Island Designs home plan. Knowing your needs before you begin the selection process will make it easier when it comes down to choosing a design that’s right for you.

Should I purchase my lot, or my home plan first?

You can do either! First, you need to decide what matters more to you. Is there a particular community that you want to build in? If so, you would need to purchase the lot first, and pick a plan that adheres to the communities set backs and other various requirements. Is there a Flatfish Island Designs plan that you have your heart set on? If this is the case, you would need to be flexible with the location of your lot, and keep the plan’s requirements in mind when purchasing. If you have a particular lot in mind, but a plan you really love will not work with it, please feel free to contact us about making modifications to suit your needs.

How will I know what home plan collection is right for me?

There are a multitude of factors to consider when narrowing your search to a collection. For starters, the area you wish to build in can dictate the style of your home to some extent. Other important considerations are the size and age of your family, how many bedrooms and bathrooms will you be needing? If you are planning on retiring in this home, and your kids are grown, consider an open floor plan with the master on the first floor to accommodate your needs later in life. If you have young kids or are a growing family, keep in mind those needs. A media room, or ‘bonus’ room, might be a good idea if additional children are an option, or as a hangout room for the kids.

What are the most important features to your family? Do you cook and entertain a lot? If so, a large kitchen with an open plan might be ideal for you to host such gatherings. Love the outdoors? Consider a plan that can be adaptable for a pool and an outdoor area with expansive decks. Does your family love to hangout and watch movies? A large media room would be a must. Keep in mind what you and your family do on a daily basis, what is most important to you is what you need to keep in the back of your mind when selecting a plan. 

I’ve decided on a home plan, now what do I do?

There are additional design needs that need to be met, such as plumbing lines, based upon the positioning of your plan on the lot and the location of the water supply. You also need an HVAC contractor to draw the duct lines for your home. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you have your plans reviewed by a local structural engineer to assure that the design meets local building codes. Different areas call for a range of conditions that need to be taken into consideration. For example, a coastal come needs to be able to withstand hurricane force winds and have precautionary measures in place if it is to be located in a flood zone. Some municipalities also require an architect to seal and stamp plans, so please verify this with your community and arrange for this if it is required in your area.

How do I select the right Lowcountry builder?

This is a crucial step in building your home plan. The success of your build is solely contingent upon the team you select, and it is vital that you choose a quality, reputable builder to bring your home plans into fruition. Research. Do the work and locate multiple builders in your area. Read their reviews, view their websites, and pay special attention to the work they produce and the satisfaction of their clients with their finished home. Narrow your choices down by meeting with them. Make sure all your needs are met regarding your home build. Ask about their experience with past work of this nature, the schedule and potential timeline they could offer you during the build, their construction team experience, and if you have already selected a plan, inquire about a bid to price your selected home. Compare all the builders you met with and choose the one that best suits your needs. Consider the budget, timeline, rapport, and your overall opinion to make the best builder decision.