Can you send us a brochure of the plans you offer?

All of our information is available to you through our website. This gives us the ability to frequently update our designs, photos, and house plans as needed, giving you the most accurate and up to date information when in the process of selecting your plan.

Do you have model homes that we can see, or can you provide me an address of a home that has been built from one of your designs?

We do not have model homes, and out of respect for the privacy of our clients, we are unable to share addresses of private residences. Please feel free to browse the information we have provided, including photos and floor plans, to help you get the best feel for the design you are looking for.

Do you have any additional photos of the homes?

We do have additional photos of some of our plans that are not published on the website. If you are interested in these, please send us an email with your request.

What is the difference between a study set and a construction set?

A study set contains four exterior elevations, floor plans and a roof plan. A construction set will contain four exterior elevations, dimensioned floor plans, roof plan, exterior opening schedule, building section, wall section and basic light fixture layout.

What is a study set?

A Study Set is a half scale set (1/8") that includes the 4 elevations graphically showing the materials, along with the floor plans that include basic dimensions and overall dimensions. These sets are useful to determine in more detail how the house may fit within setbacks on the lot. They also can give you a more detailed view of the plan helping you to determine any changes you may want to make (see how to modify a plan). By giving your builder some copies of these plans he can begin to give you some budget pricing information.

What is a construction set? 

The Construction Set includes dimensioned floor plans, 4 exterior elevations, roof plan, exterior opening schedule (doors and windows), building section, wall section and lighting plans (lighting, switching and outet locations). Construction Sets do not include foundation plans, framing plans, or structural details.

What is a PDF Flyer?

This downloadable PDF is a printable information sheet that displays the rendering, floor plans, elevations and specifications of the selected FFID plan. This allows you to compare multiple designs to one another in an easy manor.

Are CAD files of the plans available?

Yes we can send your plans in PDF and DWG format. PDF format will allow you to print copies of the drawings. DWG format will provide an editable version for your engineer or designers to use.


Should I purchase my lot or my plan first?

Either is acceptable and solely up to what is more important to you. If you want to build in a certain area with a particular view, or in a desired community, you would need to purchase your lot first. If you aren't set on a location, and have fallen in love with a particular FFID plan, we would recommend purchasing the plan first and then finding a suitable lot. If a plan you love will not fit on your lot, you can always contact our sister company, Sandlapper Design Group, about making modifications to meet your lot's requirements.

Can I modify my plan to fit my lot?

Of course. If your desired FFID design does not work with your lot's specifications, our sister company, Sandlapper Design Group, can make the necessary modifications needed to meet your lot's requirements at an additional cost.

How much does it costs to build one of your homes?

Construction cost is dependent upon a multitude of factors: detailing, degree of difficulty of the building site, finishing materials, interior selections and contractor pricing, all factor into the overall expense. We recommend that you seek out more than one builder to have options when pricing your home. If you need recommendations, we will gladly offer our best choices.

Do your plans come with an architect's stamp on them?

No, our plans do not. Not all areas require an architects stamp to build. However, if you do need this service due to community requirements, our sister company, Sandlapper Design Group, offers this service at an additional cost, typically ranging from $3.00-$5.00 per square foot.

Do the plans need to be engineered?

Our plans do not include Structural Engineering, Mechanical engineering (heating air conditioning or plumbing diagrams), or electrical engineering. Because our plans are sold in different regions of the country the building codes vary and we highly recommend that you involve a local structural engineer to design a foundation plan and framing plans to meet your local codes.

What type of heating and air conditioning do the plans calls for?

Because these plans are sold in different regions of the country, we recommend that you work with a local builder and HVAC contractor to determine the best installation for your particular needs. 


Can I modify a plan to better suit my needs?

Yes. We offer services for both minor revisions and significant revisions. Minor revisions are relatively easy, and require non-evasive changes. These are charged on an hourly rate of $100 per hour, with a minimum charge of $400. If you would like to make significant changes, however, you will need to speak with an architect about these design modifications. Please feel free to send us an email here with your requests.

Is it possible to change a specific house plan to fit my lot?

In most cases, yes, it is possible to modify the square footage to fit a particular lot. These changes would be considered significant modifications, however, and will require an architect, as well as reflect in pricing.

What constitutes a minor revision? What about a significant revision?

Minor revisions are defined as those that do not alter the structural concept of the home, and include the following:

  • Reorganization of interior, non-load bearing walls
  • Kitchen planning
  • Revision to exterior materials
  • Reversing plans

Minor revisions to designs are invoiced at $100 per hour, with a $400 minimum. We will provide you with an estimate of the hours required to make requested changes prior to performing the work.

Significant revisions will require the input of a licensed design professional in the area of the project. Flatfish island Designs does not provide an architect’s stamp on drawings, and extensive redesign would need to be handled by our sister company, Sandlapper Design Group. These modifications include the following:

  • Adding rooms
  • Stretching or shrinking the building “footprint”
  • Adding stairs or elevators
  • Elevating homes or altering ceiling heights
  • Rearrangement of load bearing walls
  • Extending porches

Can I set up a meeting to talk with an architect about my revisions?

We will gladly schedule in-house meetings to discuss your needs. These meetings are invoiced at $100 per hour. Please contact us if you wish to meet with an architect. 


Is someone able to come out to my site and assess the property?

Visits to local project sites to evaluate specific property conditions are invoiced at $150 per hour, including travel time to the project site.

My property is in an area with a design review board. Do your plans meet these needs, or do you offer services to assist in this process?

Consultation with an architect may be required or needed for properties with design review boards. While Flatfish Island Designs does not provide these services, our sister company, Sandlapper Design Group, will gladly help you through this process at your request.

Can you suggest color selections for the design I choose? What about exterior and interior selection services?

These services are not included, and require additional design professionals. While Flatfish Island Designs does not offer this, our sister company, Sandlapper Design Group, does. To schedule an appointment and go over these services, please contact us here.


What are my payment options when purchasing a house plan?

Payment by cash, check or credit card is required prior to the shipping of study sets, construction sets and reproducible masters.

What is your refund policy?

All purchases are non-refundable.


Are there copyright restrictions for the floor plans and photos shown on the website?

Yes. Any reproduction, modification or reuse of the plans without written authorization of the copyright owner is strictly prohibited. All home plans designed by Flatfish Island Designs are protected under federal copyright laws, and violators will be prosecuted accordingly.

Can I build more than one home from the design that I purchase?

No, when you purchase a Flatfish Island Designs home, you are purchasing a license to build one residence per purchase. Any violation of this is considered a copyright infringement and is punishable by law. If you would like to build more than one home, please contact us and we will make sure your needs are taken care of in a legal and cost-efficient manner.

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